A Citizens’ Movement to create a post-Covid world that works for all.

Inspired by the idea from South Africa to heal the wounds of Apartheid and unify their diverse races, we recognise that this is not a job for governments and institutions alone to lead in their countries and communities. 

Truth and Reconciliation Work (TRW), that we launched in July 2020, has been marked with the onset of covid-19 pandemic, shining light on our imperfections, especially with our disconnection from Nature itself, creating the burning issues around environmental degradation and climate change. Opening space for us to reflect and realign ourselves to new realities. In parallel we saw racial riots triggered in the US with the killing of George Floyd, conflicts and clashes around the world between nations, classes, ethnic groups and polarized positions. There is a need to heal deep seated trauma and find one’s inner resilience and resources for self-empowerment, which is an inside-out process for every individual in a collective. 

Driven by the insight that we are all victims of victims and each of us has been or is complicit in being both, an oppressor as well as an oppressed, we believe the severe polarisations we are seeing across the world through the Covid pandemic, are a mirror to the whole Human race. Revealing the urgency of healing oppressor-oppressed wounds in our collective Unconscious, if we are to move forward as a more enlightened and unified species.

TRW is a Decentralized, Self-Organising, Glocal citizens' movement aimed at: 

  1. Healing - Healing internal schisms and collective trauma on both sides, the oppressor and the oppressed. By creating safe and nurturing spaces. 

  2. Leading - Showing the way for peace leadership to reconcile the past and address the present to create a just, equitable and inclusive future world.

We have identified several categories of Inequity and Oppression that need Truth & Reconciliation: 

  1. Colonisation (including Partition of countries)

  2. Slavery

  3. Genocide / Ethnic Cleansing

  4. Casteism

  5. Religious divisions

  6. Gender-based oppression

  7. Environmental degradation

  8. Economic Disparity

  9. Others (Personal, Interpersonal or Systemic)

TRW operates on gift culture, recognising multiple forms of capital and is a self funded initiative. The partners and facilitators are all here contributing with a pay-by-heart, pay-it-forward model.



The largest circle represents Mother Earth and All Humanity; and the inter-connected circles of different sizes represent the many groups and communities from around the world who are spontaneously responding to the call by self-organising healing and peace-building events. 

And thus coming together and JOINING FORCES to become an interlinked chain of goodwill that stitches our world back together into our innate WHOLENESS, ONENESS, INTERBEING. From the Inside-Out.

Knowing that World Peace is only possible through Inner Peace.

As The Mother Sri Aurobindo says, "If you want union in the world, first unify the different parts of your own being".

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